• Access gateways, work research, Google Academic search, Facebook profile lookup, sharing network node resources
  • No registration, no account, free service, personal research, academic research tool
  • Note 1: Due to the limited bandwidth of network nodes, each connection is valid for 30 minutes to meet the interval requirements of most people.
  • Note 2: Please use it consciously to avoid causing a large amount of video traffic, which may affect the normal development of others


  • The service is for work research/academic discussion/industry researchers only; Do not use for illegal activities!
  • Note 1: If you have any questions, please send questions or consult in issues. I will reply and deal with them within 1~3 days.
  • Note 2: If you have any new suggestions, please send them in Issues, and I will reply within 1~3 days.
  • Note 3: unity feedback submitted to https://github.com/pablocc1979/Green-Hub-Proxy/issues

Continue to provide a stable, simple, easy to use network over the wall service; Although it was banned and removed from the shelves once, we will continue the simple service that everyone trusts.
Heartfelt thanks to the individual sponsors of the foreign nodes; Also thanks to our praise users, support!